Sushree Accessories is a simple brand mended by the passion for Jewelry, it's genres and styling Staples. It is composed out of the passion for making, mending and adorning by the Jewelry. It's just not a brand but the pique of its Founders.
 It is founded by two people who are totally different from one another as like their brand which composites different genres of Jewelry under the same roof. Sushree Accessories advocates the belief that a Woman is an independent idol of beauty. Her look and choice of style should be appealing to her before everyone else. She commands her looks, OOTD and essentially her Jewelry. Sushree Accessories canopies variant genres of Jewelry so as to cater to different age groups of Women, neither just a girl or Lady but precisely a Woman who choose to dress up on her own.                                                                                     
Sushree Accessories do not aim to create customers but a family. And every number added to its family signifies its trustworthy bond with its Customers. So, by Choice be a part of SHREES and our pleasure to formulate Sushree Accessories family (SHREES).